Millie is Eight Months Old

Millie is Eight Months Old


Eight months. It felt unnatural saying it out loud when the grocery store cashier asked just yesterday. It has been the most challenging of months. Cold/Flu season finally took our house (twice) and so this month we’ve seen many a doctor and many a sleepless night.

Millie has started cutting her very first tooth (finally!) Fortunately it hasn’t seemed to bother her too much. She had a mild fever and some slight signs of discomfort while it broke through, but we’re in the home stretch now! This tiny tooth is just about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! But she did bite me while nursing for the first time the other day, and I swear I cried. Meh.

She’s a clapping fool now, and her eyes light up when you say “Yay!” She waves at the animals at home as they roam around her. And it was made apparent thanks to a recent trip to the zoo, that she thinks every animal is a “CatCat.” Our word count is up to three now.

We’re pretty sure we’re going to have a walking girl any day now. Millie has spent the last month mastering standing, turning, and side shimmying around our living room. She’s mastered holding her balance with one hand, and every time you call her name she acts as if she’ll just let go. We’re in for trouble.

Millie’s hair is getting SO thick and full. Even just the difference from a month ago is crazy! We’re starting to wear barrettes, and rock the occasional pigtails on top.

She eats so well and is no longer eating any of the purees we were supplementing with. She is still weighing in at the same as she was last month. But she’s happy, eating great, and has been sick quite a bit this month, so we’re not too worried. I love meal time now because we can all eat as a family. I’ve adapted all of our recipes to make sure she can be included! She eats what we eat!

We’ve had a bit of sleep regression, but its likely no one’s fault but my own. She still sleeps just fine on her own at night, but I’ve been in the habit of holding/wearing her during naps and now she won’t get in her crib during the day. We’ll get back to it, I’m just trying to soak her in while she’s still small.

Thing's we've learned about Millie:

  • Loves green beans, waffles, and salmon.

  • Likes to shake her thang! She’s a dancing fool.

  • Only likes baths if you get in too!

  • Hates watching anyone she loves leave the room.


Mill, Millie, Emmy, Em, Milia


  • Claps her hands.

  • Balancing with one hand on support.

  • Eating with the family.

  • Says “cat.”

  • Can roll balls and throw things.

Every day I become increasingly aware of her growing size. I hold her in my arms each night and remember how light she was just six months ago; how little room she once took up in her crib. She looks more and more like a toddler every day. I’m filled with sadness at how quickly time is passing, but it’s just so dang exciting watching her become this functioning little girl.

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