Millie's Nine Month Update

Millie's Nine Month Update


Not sure how it’s been nine months already, but we have a girl with two tiny little teeth, who says “mama, dada, and buhbah” and (whispers) “catcat.” She’s obsessed with cheese (but who isn’t) and I’m pretty sure her first steps are near.

For the last nine months I’ve taken the stance that I wanted no toys that required batteries, and we’ve stuck with it too. But Michael convinced me she NEEDED a musical walker, and I caved. Now she’s obsessed with it and improved her step so much, I know it’s just a matter of days now.

She dances 24/7 and thinks it’s hilarious when you scrunch your nose at her. She responds with a laugh and squishes her face back at you. We’re learning how to blow kisses and put things back IN baskets after we take them all out! Ha!

This month unfortunately taught us she more than likely has a peanut allergy. We’re still awaiting our appointment with the allergist, but after a severe reaction had us rushing to the emergency center, there’s not much doubt in our minds. It was an extremely scary moment, but I feel so fortunate that it happened at an age/time when Michael and I could both be nearby and react quickly.

We have a tear free, crib sleeping baby. We’ve really mastered wake times at home and have been able to use them to our advantage while sleep training her. She’s always been a really easy-going baby with pretty good sleep habits, but being more in tune with what she needs/when she needs it, is a really good feeling.
She hasn’t seen a purée in months and officially eats what we eat (and loves it.) She’s still a skinny mini, but she’s FINALLY gaining some weight and this mama couldn’t be happier!  

Thing's we've learned about Millie:

  • Takes medicine like a champ

  • Loves to share her food. Dog included.

  • Obsessed with cheese.

  • Loves car keys and shoes.


Mill, Millie, Emmy, Em, Milia


  • Knows “Come here” and “Can I see that?”

  • Shakes her head when you say, “No.”

  • Can stack blocks.

  • Can stand/balance unassisted.

She’s growing like a weed, and I can hardly stand how cute she is. She is everything!!!

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