Best Home Decor Items to Find at the Thrift Store

Best Home Decor Items to Find at the Thrift Store


I’ve had a passion for thrifting since I was young. My mom would waltz my sister and me up and down the aisles of local shops, looking for treasures for an antique booth she rented. My bedroom growing up was filled with vintage fixtures, and thrift store finds. Now some of my favorite pieces in our home are the ones I’ve brought from that old bedroom of mine, and pieces I’ve thrifted myself throughout the years. I spend a good portion of my off-time exploring local stores in the area, and can’t wait to bestow the love of thrifting to my kids.

Thrift store finds are the best, because not only can you find some amazing items at a fraction of the price of newer retail items, but you can also find unique and quality pieces few others have.

I love tying vintage/thrifted goods into my decor, so I thought I'd share with you some of my favorite finds to incorporate throughout my home.



My husband will attest that I have somewhat of a basket problem, and the thrift store isn’t helping. I love home décor pieces that double as functional items, and baskets are certainly one of them. I’ve found the most beautiful variety while thrifting, and now they adorn my walls, shelves, and tables at home. They’re perfect for keeping wallets and keys from disappearing, holding toys, and my kids will tell you they also make great hats.


Finding a good blanket while thrifting can sometimes be difficult, but boy can you find some gems! Some of my favorites are the Mexican blankets I used to find so often back home in Florida. They look so great draped at the foot of a bed, or on a blanket ladder. I even like to use them to make cute covers for our sweet pup’s dog bed!

Vintage Cannisters

I’m quite the canister hoarder. They prove useful in so many ways, but my favorite is on display on open kitchen shelves. Depending on what kind you get, they can also make amazing little planters for your succulents (think vintage crocks.) Or make them functional pantry pieces and fill them with rice, pastas, etc.


Hardback Books

As funny as it sounds, I have a favorite thrift store for vintage hardbacks. I love throwing a stack or two on modern shelves and console tables to bring a more eclectic vibe. And hello, you can also read them? Our area is rich with lots of Civil War history, so I’ve found a lot of vintage hardbacks in that genre! I love that thrifting can be so different depending on what region you live in!


Ceramic Pottery

I don’t know who lives in my area that donates so many gorgeous hand-thrown pieces to Goodwill, but I could kiss them! I’ve collected so much one-of-a-kind ceramic art for my home since I’ve moved here and they’re now some of my favorite décor items. You can find everything from vintage Pier 1 vases to handmade with a signature on the bottom (my personal favorite) while thrifting, and I love that!

Thrifting is such a great way to incorporate even more personality into your home. I truly feel like your home is such a reflection of who you are. So, I take pride in finding pieces that are really “me.” Every trip to the thrift store is like a little adventure, and I look forward to it every week. I’d love to hear what some of your favorite thrifted pieces are! Tell me about some of the gems you’ve found below!

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