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Best Home Decor Items to Find at the Thrift Store

I’ve had a passion for thrifting since I was young. My mom would waltz my sister and me up and down the aisles of local shops, looking for treasures for an antique booth she rented. My bedroom growing up was filled with vintage fixtures, and thrift store finds. Now some of my favorite pieces in our home are the ones I’ve brought from that old bedroom of mine, and pieces I’ve thrifted myself throughout the years. I spend a good portion of my off-time exploring local stores in the area, and can’t wait to bestow the love of thrifting to my kids.

Thrift store finds are the best, because not only can you find some amazing items at a fraction of the price of newer retail items, but you can also find unique and quality pieces few others have.

I love tying vintage/thrifted goods into my decor, so I thought I'd share with you some of my favorite finds to incorporate throughout my home.