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Surprising Ways You Can Use Social Media to ‘Find Your Tribe.’

It feels like there are so many obstacles when it comes to building a tribe as a mom, and let’s face it- you need one to get through this ish. But finding your tribe doesn’t have to be impossible! Today I’m serving up REAL ways I’ve built super meaningful relationships with others in the mom community, ALL ON SOCIAL MEDIA. No, not joking. If you wanna find your ‘mom soulmates’, keep scrolling!

Millie Turns One!

Friday was my baby girl’s BIG day and it was an emotional one to say the least. It’s hard to believe it’s been a year already since we brought her into the world.

A little sad (but also kind of relieved, ha!) that this will be the last of her monthly milestone updates.

Love For My Postpartum Body

I went and had a baby last year. Since then, I’ve experienced some of the happiest moments of my life. Watching Millie learn and grow is the most incredible thing, but things are a lot different since she’s come around too! Life has been a series of lessons in these last nine months. I’ve learned to get REALLY good at multitasking. I’ve adapted to some of the solitude that seems to come along with being a stay-at-home mom. I gave birth, my hair fell out, and my sleepless nights climbed like, woah. I’ve gone through some serious changes.

Millie is Eight Months Old

Eight months. It felt unnatural saying it out loud when the grocery store cashier asked just yesterday. It has been the most challenging of months. Cold/Flu season finally took our house (twice) and so this month we’ve seen many a doctor and many a sleepless night.

Millie at Seven Months

Wow! At this point I pretty much feel like every month I review, I’m saying, “This was the biggest month EVER!” But seriously guys, this past month actually was.

I’m gonna need to start with the lists first in this post I think, because this past month Millie has learned to:

Millie's Six Months Old!

What a wild and emotional month it’s been! Six months has been particularly difficult for me so far, as I’m realizing how fast time is passing and feeling very helpless to it all. My sweet girl has been in the world half a year! How is that even possible?!

In the last week we’ve begun eating solids and Millie is really taking to them! It was my initial intention to start her on solids via BLW, but a concern for her low weight left us feeling like we’d like more control of how much she’s eating. No regrets, because she’s happy and eating like a champ! We’re hoping this bumps her up a bit on her growth chart. We’re still planning on nursing until the AAP recommended age, but I really love the bond that others get to have with her now that she’s exploring foods.

What's In My Diaper Bag

I’ve had quite a few requests to make a post about some of my favorite baby products thus far. So I thought I’d start out with some of my favorite diaper bag necessities. I’ve tweaked what I carry around a few times, and it often changes depending on what in particular we’re going out to do (throw in a sun hat during the summer or an extra sweater when it’s cold) but for the most part, the basics always remain the same!